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The New Guy

Date: Tue, Sep 8, 2009

Ok, it has been nearly 8 weeks since I started here and even though I had these grand plans of posting weekly, it is amazing how learning a new job at a new winery can just engulf you.  Even as the “seasoned (or grizzled)” wine industry professional that I am, jumping into something new can [...]

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The Joy of Beer and Gin

Date: Mon, Sep 7, 2009

Folks who stop by Michel-Schlumberger during the Harvest season are almost always shocked to see the Cellar and Vineyard crews drinking beer instead of wine in the afternoon after a hard day’s work. And, believe me, it’s not just us – our local little store in Dry Creek Valley can barely keep the coolers stocked [...]

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Soylent Green and Killer Bees

Date: Fri, Aug 28, 2009

I’ve never had much of a good memory for childhood things but I never forgot a good (or bad) scary movie. For example, I can’t remember the name of a single one of my elementary school teachers but I can vividly recall slurping on a rootbeer float and munching on popcorn in my family’s living [...]

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HARVEST 2009!!!

Date: Fri, Aug 21, 2009

IT IS ON! I am extremely pleased to announce the start of the 2009 Harvest Season at Michel-Schlumberger Estate. Busy Brunson will no doubt check in soon with juicy details on the vintage but, for now, I wanted to post a quick photo series of the action. It all began around 6:30 this morning when our [...]

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Road Warrior Tales: Now I Wear Mittens

Date: Tue, Aug 11, 2009

My fingers started to itch and tingle, and then an arm. I had a serious case of the heebie-jeebies like I hadn’t had in years. Even worse, I was behaving like a whacked-out driver in a Max Sennett movie as I jammed down the highway toward the City at a million miles an hour. I [...]

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Bird Day at Schlumberger

Date: Thu, Aug 6, 2009

So it all started with a little crow. I was walking my whippets (Devo & Jimi) around the neighborhoods of Santa Rosa when we were stopped in our tracks by a group of large and raucous crows in the trees above, caw-caw-cawing up a blue streak at us. After a few more steps I saw [...]

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Harvest Lunches – Just Around the Corner!

Date: Tue, Aug 4, 2009

It amazes me to think that our Harvest lunches are just a few weeks away.  That means harvest is just around the corner, and that just can’t be…where did the year go?  But it is true — every year our early ripening varietals come in right around August 20 or so, and this year, my [...]

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Imagine No Monsanto

Date: Tue, Jul 28, 2009

As “Vineyard Biologist” at Michel-Schlumberger, this is one of the most common questions I get from visitors (and one of the toughest to answer): “Exactly what is sustainable farming?” Very good question. There seems to be a lot of confusion about sustainability, and for good reason – there is no simple answer. For a little help, I [...]

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Victory Chickens

Date: Tue, Jul 21, 2009

This morning I awoke to the pleasant sound of clucking chickens. That’s not an especially novel sound to me as Michel-Schlumberger has maintained a happy flock for years. But, alas, I don’t live on the estate. In fact, I live on a very small lot on a very busy street smack dab in the middle [...]

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And The Key That Couldn’t Stop Turning: Bastille Day 2009

Date: Thu, Jul 16, 2009

Just past high summer out here in Wine Country, most of us people our lives with friendly visitors from afar and use their arrival as catalysts to disinter fine bottles.  I offered one up last week to Aunt Agnes, who seemed to relish the opportunity.  It was an old Cabernet from the Estate that I [...]

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My New Home At Michel-Schlumberger

Date: Wed, Jul 1, 2009

Life continues to amaze me.  Two years ago, I had what I considered to be the last job I would ever have.  I was hired to run a small winery that had just been launched by two of the most respected people in the wine business on a property that I helped develop with the [...]

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Jim Morris – “Human Terroir”

Date: Tue, Jun 30, 2009

Welcome Jim Morris! As the General Manager of Michel-Schlumberger, I am often the guy behind the scenes trying to connects the dots linking the vineyards, winemaking & commerce of the Estate.  In theory, my job is to do this profitably, sustainably, efficiently & seamlessly.  In reality, the first thing you learn in a job like this is that [...]

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Bees Flying High

Date: Mon, Jun 29, 2009

    I don’t know about you but I’ve always wondered –What happens if you give a honey bee cocaine?  Well, fortunately, researchers at the University of Illinois have recently come up with the answer. The study was fairly straightforward.  Scientists applied tiny drops of cocaine solution to the bee’s backs and then monitored their dance communication system, [...]

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I Love a Good Tradition…

Date: Thu, Jun 18, 2009

…I love the annual Michel-Schlumberger Wine Bench Picnic even more. I already know that you do too. Or you would if you haven’t been able to attend one of our club picnics before. These undemanding, but famous gatherings are always held on a Saturday in early June, when the air starts cool in the morning [...]

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