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Wine Blogging Wednesday #52 - Value Reds from Chile

Date: Wed, Dec 10, 2008

This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday theme is hosted by Tim Lemke of Cheap Wine Ratings (”Good Value Makes Wine Taste Better”).  The theme is affordable red wines from Chile (South America).  Tim offers a nice overview of this theme in this post in his blog.  I enjoy reading Cheap Wine Ratings as it relates more [...]

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Champagne Henriot Class at Gordon’s

Date: Sun, Dec 7, 2008

On Friday, December 5 2008 I attended another great wine class at Gordon’s Fine Wine and Liquors in Waltham, MA.  As previously mentioned in my last post, I was quite impressed with the ‘house’ cuvee of Champagne Henriot, the Brut Souverain NV, at a wine tasting at The Spirited Gourmet.  Not that I am any great champagne [...]

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Holiday Grand Tasting at The Spirited Gourmet in Belmont

Date: Tue, Nov 25, 2008

On the afternoon of Saturday, November 15, 2008 I attended the 2nd annual Holiday Grand Tasting at The Spirited Gourmet in Belmont, MA along with some members of the Boston-area wine interest group North Shore Winers.  Richard of The Passionate Foodie who runs the Winers had indicated that this store has a carefully selected inventory of [...]

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Bin Ends Wine Twitter Taste LIVE #5 - The Bloggers Take Over

Date: Fri, Nov 14, 2008

On Saturday November 15th 2008 I will be participating in another Twitter Taste LIVE event.  Twitter Taste LIVE is the brainchild of the folks at Bin Ends Wine of Braintree, MA.  Wine bloggers (and their guests) taste wines and post tasting notes, thoughts, and questions on social networking site Twitter at a predetermined date and [...]

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Wine Blogging Wednesday #51 - “Baked Goods”

Date: Wed, Nov 12, 2008

This month’s Wine Blogging Wednesday theme is hosted by 1 Wine Dude blogger Joe Roberts.  This fun theme is “baked goods”, literally wines that have been maderized (or heated) such as Madeira.  The theme has been extended to include wines that have been fortified as well.  I have chosen this month the Campbells Rutherglen Muscat, [...]

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Bloggers Wine Tasting with La Casa de las Vides

Date: Sat, Nov 1, 2008

On October 29th, 2008 I attended a tasting of several of the wines from La Casa de las Vides winery from Valencia, Spain.  This tasting occurred at Melissa’s Bistro in the town of Stoneham, MA.  That is actually my hometown, that is, the town where I grew up.  It’s funny how some things in the [...]

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Ste. Michelle Wine Estates at Gordon’s Featuring Antinori

Date: Fri, Oct 31, 2008

On October 14th 2008 I attended another tasting/class at Gordon’s which featured some wines from Ste. Michelle Wine Estates; specifically, some from their Antinori portfolio of wines.  Ste. Michelle Wine Estates acquired the rights to sell Antinori wines approximately 2.5 years ago.  Interestingly enough, I had just watched a 60 Minutes piece on Antinori 2 [...]

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Mike Magee of Belle Vallée Cellars at Gordon’s

Date: Mon, Oct 27, 2008

On September 8th 2008 I had the pleasure of attending a tasting of 7 of the wines of Belle Vallée Cellars of Corvallis, Oregon (in the Willamette Valley appellation) with one of its founders, Mike Magee, in the very agreeable Fine Wine & Culinary Center at Gordon’s in Waltham, MA. Belle Vallée Cellars is a smallish [...]

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The Omnivore’s Hundred: Foodie Quiz

Date: Sun, Oct 26, 2008

I just got around to noticing a blog post theme that was popular a few weeks ago - the Omnivore’s Hundred.  I don’t even claim to be a foodie but this seems like kind of fun.  I was amused by the list results as posted by Thea of Luscious Lushes, whom I believe noticed it [...]

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Bin Ends Wine 4th Twitter Taste Live: Steele Wines

Date: Thu, Oct 23, 2008

The 4th Twitter Taste Live event created and hosted by Bin Ends Wine of Braintree, MA takes place this evening, October 23rd 2008, and will feature some of the wines of Steele Wines of Lake County, CA.  Jed Steele, the owner and winemaker at Steele Wines, will be at the Bin Ends store in person [...]

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Newburyport Sunset Wine Tasting Cruise with “A Grape Affair”

Date: Tue, Oct 21, 2008

On August 27th 2008 I attended a wine tasting cruise hosted by A Grape Affair around Newburyport, MA harbor at sunset.  It was a brief, nifty little tour (around 1.5 hours) around Newburyport harbor which did look beautiful at sunset in late summer. There were approximately 25 people aboard the small boat.  I did manage to [...]

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Wine Blogging Wednesday #50 - Fall Wilderness and Wine

Date: Wed, Oct 8, 2008

So I haven’t felt particularly motivated lately to blog about anything.  But heck, WBW is here this month, and such a nice topic!  This month’s WBW is hosted by WineHiker Russ Beebe.  The task at hand is to explore your local outdoor environment and follow-up with a wine of choice.  Here in MA the fall [...]

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Wine Blogging Wednesday #48 - Roots of Wine Enthusiasm

Date: Wed, Aug 13, 2008

It is Wine Blogging Wednesday again! This month’s theme is Back to Your Roots.  Our host this month is Lenn Thompson from LENNDEVOURS, who indeed began the whole Wine Blogging Wednesday enterprise 4 years ago!  And what a fine idea it was.  The theme this month requires that you revisit a wine that you [...]

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Jumping on WORDLE Bandwagon

Date: Thu, Jul 31, 2008

Lately there has been some discussion in wine blog circles about a fun little utility called Wordle. This utility creates a word cloud image based upon the frequency of words appearing in your blog. So of course I had to try that. I took the standard output and ’scrambled’ it. The [...]

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