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Wherefore art thou, rosé in a box?

Date: Mon, Aug 30, 2010

A couple of years ago, I had an op-ed in the NYT arguing for wine in a box. Since then, box wine sales have skyrocketed and many more selections, both foreign and domestic, have come on the market. But one category that seems woefully underrepresented stateside is rosé. Given that it is perhaps the quintessential [...]

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My brother sails across equator, toasts King Neptune with cheap cava

Date: Thu, Aug 26, 2010

Last fall, my younger brother, Conrad, sailed from France to Brazil. By himself. In a race. On a 20 foot boat. He set off from Brittany, where, aged 25, he was living in a used electrician’s van. He sailed about ten days to Madeira where the fleet stopped for fresh supplies before setting off again [...]

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Wine, alcohol, and tax – in Wine & Spirits magazine

Date: Tue, Aug 24, 2010

How often is the alcohol level stated on the label consistent with what is actually in the bottle? Wines are allowed a certain fudge factor between what appears on the label and what is actually in the bottle. For wines under 14%, the wine can fluctuate by 1.5 percentage points, which explains why so many [...]

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Red wines that chill

Date: Mon, Aug 23, 2010

Chilled red. It sounds like an oxymoron. Or something that would get your membership revoked at the club. But, in fact, it works. The key is to choose a red wine that is low in tannin, which explains why Beaujolais from the thin-skinned Gamay grape, often is the prime red candidate for chilling. Bringing the [...]

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Pairing whites with the thermometer – summer edition

Date: Thu, Aug 19, 2010

The other day, I was waiting for a train or a plane, flipping through magazines at a newsstand. I picked up the August copy of Food & Wine and saw Ray Isle’s fun, simple graphic suggesting changing white wines as the weather heats up. Since I wrote a whole book centered on pairing wine with [...]

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Oodles of noodles – and corks

Date: Wed, Aug 18, 2010

Today’s summer wine factoid: Nomacorc, a purveyor of plastic wine closures that require a corkscrew to remove, was the brainchild of a Belgian businessman who made a fortune manufacturing extruded plastics, including pool noodles. So if you’ve been floating around in the pool this summer and sensed a connection, you’re right. In related news, plastic [...]

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Wine list X-Ray, Monty Python, natural wine – all LOL sipped & spit!

Date: Mon, Aug 16, 2010

SIPPED: X-Ray vision for wine lists? The above image comes from wondertonic.tumblr.com SIPPED: satire HoseMaster continues his discussion of Carbon Footprint wines, including “Creeping Deforestation” & “Screw the Ozone” [HoseMaster of Wine] SIPPED: dug up from the cellar “Perth Pink….This is not a wine for drinking, this is a wine for laying down and avoiding.” [...]

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Worms & “the truffle kid”

Date: Mon, Aug 16, 2010

Recently, my seven-year-old son dug up some worms, made a sign, set up a table on the street and sold them for ten cents each. “Great for your garden! Great for fishing!” ran his pitch. He made $9, including tips. That’s almost better than wine writing! On a somewhat related note, check out the profile [...]

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What would it take for a sommelier to pull a JetBlue jumper exit?

Date: Thu, Aug 12, 2010

This week’s big story is the dramatic, emergency-slide resignation of JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater. Following verbal abuse from a passenger, he took to the PA system to let everyone on board know that he’d had enough, popped the inflatable emergency slide, threw down his carry-ons, grabbed a couple of beers from the drinks cart, [...]

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Imbibing idiots, seeds, cartel, AOCs – sipped & spit

Date: Wed, Aug 11, 2010

SPIT: “imbibing idiot bias” Job applicants who partake in alcoholic drinks are perceived as less intelligent and hireable according to a new academic study, dubbing the phenomenon an “imbibing idiot bias.” In the actual experiments, the subject ordered a glass of “house merlot,” so perhaps the conclusion is valid. But what if the subject ordered [...]

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The Champagne of White Zinfandels?

Date: Mon, Aug 9, 2010

Site reader Supertunaman sent in this label shot (about the quality of most UFO sighting photos) with the comment, “LOLOL!” What’s so funny? If Miller is the Champagne of Beers, perhaps this is the Champagne of White Zinfandels? Actually, since a 2005 bilateral accord between the US and the EU, the term Champagne cannot be [...]

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Ribeira Sacra is en fuego when the weather is hot

Date: Fri, Aug 6, 2010

I keep meaning to do a comparative tasting of wines made from the mencia grape. But every time I get a bottle, I drink it! Case in point: D. Ventura’s Vina do Burato, 2008 (about $19). Weighing in at a spare 12% alcohol, this is a great summer red, perfect for chilling and serving dining [...]

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Pulled pork sandwich: impossible food-wine pairing?!?

Date: Thu, Aug 5, 2010

We haven’t had any meat in our impossible pairings series since the bacon explosion. Generally, meat is too easy for us all to pair. So cranking up the degree of difficulty, today we present you the challenge of the pulled pork sandwich. At the base level it’s not all that hard: a shoulder of pork [...]

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Mondo barrel, Bordeaux reorganizes, Enomatics thwarted – sipped and spit

Date: Wed, Aug 4, 2010

CHUGGED: Dornfelder Nothing says par-tay like 4,000 liters of Dornfelder! Or so a German chef thought when he partially filled a 140,000 liter barrel for the first time in 400 years. The cause was a two-day bash called the Riessen Weinfass. [TheLocal.de] SPIT: classified growths? In an effort to help sales beyond the top wines [...]

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