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Final Blog post, we are moving to Facebook

Date: Mon, Feb 4, 2013 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Continue to follow the ongoing sagas of La Madelene on our facebook site and to receive our news on a regular basis, remember to hit the like button……

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They dont just make one of the world`s greatest Tavels

Date: Wed, Apr 18, 2012 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

With dinner guests last night we started the meal ( accompanying new season asparagus) with Domaine Mordorée`s wonderful Condrieu 2010…they own a tiny part of land up in the Condrieu aoc, alledgedly resulting in the most micro of production levels, just 600 bottles. Sensationally delicious and the perfect partner , bravo!

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Two new superb estates join our portfolio

Date: Sun, Apr 8, 2012 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Great news… two superb domaines are now on board with the La Madelene portfolio. In Gigondas the Famille Brechet estate of Domaine des Bosquests , their Gigondas is a true thoroughbred;  and in Chateauneuf du Pape the critically lauded estate of Grand Veneur ( Parker scores of 98/100 for the Vieilles Vigne 2007) - fascinating [...]

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Terroir Masterclass at the Chateauneuf du Pape “Printemps” tastings

Date: Sun, Apr 1, 2012 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Yesterday to Chateauneuf for the Spring tastings and afterward a special Masterclass on the terroir of the appellation: how the different soil types (limestone, clay, sand, and galets roulés) manifest themselves in very different styles in the glass. Fascinating session, very erudite explanation of the soil structures from wine geologist George Truc and a stellar [...]

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Another great young winemaker…

Date: Wed, Mar 28, 2012 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

To the village of Vacqueyras last night to visit yet another great young wine maker Igor Chudzikiewicz of Domaine des Amouriers, a domaine of 30 ha, around half of which is aoc Vacqueyras, the rest Vin de Pays.. Igor is a Montpellier trained oenologue who spent time making wine in South Africa and in Australia [...]

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Enjoying massive reds in the Massif d`Uchaux

Date: Fri, Mar 2, 2012 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

  Yesterday to visit a fine artisan producer of Cotes du Rhone Villages Massif d`Uchaux: Chateau d`Hugues where the wine is made by owner Bernard Pradier and his son Bastien. The “Massif “is one of the up and coming CdRV aocs , benefiting from it`s higher altitude and a slightly cooler microclimate. For such a [...]

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We`ve cracked our shipping issue: introducing WINEFLITE

Date: Thu, Feb 9, 2012 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Many of our past tour customers will know that shipping wine for our guests has been a source of some frustration as vignerons have understandably tended to be reluctant to take on the red tape involved in small export quantities. If you`ve been one of those who have gamely trudged home with [...]

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Domaine des Escaravailles…top notch Rasteau estate

Date: Fri, Feb 3, 2012 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Since Rasteau`s elevation to the Cru peerage in the summer of 2010 I`ve been seeking the right partner for our network in this wonderful appellation.. Today I met and tasted with Escaravailles wine maker and domaine owner Gilles Ferran…these are wines that I`ve long admired and I`m happy to say the domaine will be part [...]

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Domaine de Cristia wines sing sweetly, 2009`s of course, but wow! the 2010`s

Date: Wed, Nov 23, 2011 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Yesterday to Domaine de Cristia the Chateauneuf producer in the village of Courtezon just down the road from Janesse. I joined their UK merchant H&H Bancroft for a magnificent tasting. Amazingly Cristia only started estate bottling in 1999 so have just completed their 13th vintage…yet they are producing wines which some of their better known [...]

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Cuban food delivery brightens up rainy days…

Date: Sat, Nov 19, 2011 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Our delightful - and super generous - wine tour client Benny Diaz who stayed here in the summer has just sent us a consignment of goodies to take the La Madelene kitchen in a slightly different direction this month - we have the all important Conchita “Mojo Criollo” marinade brand, some Frijoles Negres ( black [...]

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Grenache day cometh……

Date: Wed, Sep 15, 2010 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

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Pleasing the Emperor…

Date: Mon, Sep 13, 2010 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

The following is a piece written for the bi-monthly  Brighton community newspaper the “Westhill Whistler”: There cant be many wine lovers who arent aware of the phenomenon that is Robert Parker, the American wine critic. For nearly 30 years controversy has raged around this man who it is said “makes and breaks the market” for [...]

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Parker recognizes the quality of Gimel’s SJB…

Date: Fri, Sep 3, 2010 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Robert Parker awards Philippe Gimel’s magnificent 2006 “La Pierre Noire” red a whopping 94 points in the latest edition of the Wine Advocate, surely the highest score ever achieved by a wine from the appellation - Ventoux aoc -  that the Oxford Companion to Wine ( come on editor Jancis Robinson , get on the [...]

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Pretty much the perfect day off…

Date: Wed, Aug 25, 2010 Wine Tasting Winery Blogs Wine Business

Yesterday the first day in over 40 without guests - late up, 10.00am , delicious sensation, 30 lengths of the pool to ease conscience following blow out Mexican dinner chez C&T the night before; brunch, and then off to explore Villeneuve across the river from Avignon; loved the gardens of the Jardins de l’Abbaye inside [...]

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