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Tertre Roteboeuf tasting

Date: Thu, Jan 31, 2013 Wine Tasting

2004 Roc de Cambes:
Ruby with garnet rim. Fruit driven nose. Blueberries, minerals and plums. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant body and texture, starting to come around. Long. 91

2004 Château Tertre Roteboeuf:
Deep ruby. Dark fruit, deep an layered feel on the nose, complex. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, refined feel, layered, starting to drink lovely at the moment, beautiful and long. 93

2009 Roc de Cambes:
Ruby. Intense, coffee, plums, blueberries and vanilla. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant body even if rich and fruit forward. balanced and long. 92+

2009 Château Tertre Roteboeuf:
Deep ruby. Vanilla, more closed than the RC, deep and layered. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, rich and alcohol overtones on the palate, ripe blueberries finish, very long. 93

2010 Roc de Cambes:
Deep ruby. Coffee, chocolate, rich nose. Minerals, flowers and dark berries. Complex and layered. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, powerful body but manages to stay elegant and balanced. Very long and fruity finish. 93

2010 Château Tertre Roteboeuf:
Deep ruby. Deep and fruity nose, somewhat shut now, but blueberries and spices shines through. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, like a barrel sample still, very young. Incredible aftertaste, very long. 95+

2011 Domaine deu Cambes:
Deep ruby. Scented, violets, blueberries, some minerals. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, savory and long finish. 91

2011 Roc de Cambes:
Deep ruby. Black- and blueberries, elegant and rich nose, vanilla, some coffee and chocolate. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, refreshing and fruity, long finish. 92

2011 Château Tertre Roteboeuf:
Deep ruby. Coffee, blueberries, layered, roses, and minerals beneath dark fruit. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, lovely fruit, pure feel, refreshing and long. 94

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07, 08 and 09 Angelus

Date: Thu, Jan 31, 2013 Wine Tasting

2007 Château Angelus:
Ruby. Spicy blackberries, elegant nose, slightly floral. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, smooth and rounded, aproachable now. not that complex but long. 91

2008 Château Angelus:
Bright ruby. Fruit driven nose, blueberries, cassis, dark berries and spices. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, young still but no longer raw. Mouthwatering and a bit closed, intense and very long. 94

2009 Château Angelus:
Deep ruby. Fruit driven, dark berries, spices and exotic flowers. Rich palate, fresh acidity, ripe tannins, barrel notes are still a bit showy in the finish. Very long finish. Wait for ten years or more. 95

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2009 DRC, the whole shebang

Date: Wed, Jan 30, 2013 Wine Tasting

2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Montrachet:
Btl 02264. Pale golden yellow. Rich nose, popcorn, butter, intense, flinty minerals, ripe lemons, scented. Rich palate, fresh acidity, lively, full bodied, more power than refinement, complex, extremelly long. 96

2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Corton:
Btl 04672. Pale ruby, pinkish rim. Floral, pure strawberries and a whiff of herbs. Ever so slightly spicy. Minerals and some vanilla. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, pure and racy, lacks the Corton roughness. Elegant but a slightly biting texture far back that needs some polishing in the cellar. Long finish. 93

2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Échézeaux:
Btl 10388. Bright ruby. Scented nose, whiff of roses over pure strawberries, a bit more compact style for É. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, fruit driven and fruit forward, almost Château Margaux like texture. Lacks a bit of nuances at this stage, long. 94

2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Grands-Échézeaux:
Btl 07048. Bright ruby. Some herbs, spices, a whiff of jasmin over dark plums, ripe strawberries and vanilla. Scented. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, a bit grippy texture, extremelly young, again quite Bordeauxlike texture, long. 93

2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Romanée-Saint-Vivant:
Btl 10061. Bright ruby. Vanilla, blueberries, spices, some red berries, some scented notes. Reminds me of the 07 Petrus. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, bites on the palate, raw even after four and a half overs of airing. Even so, quite mouthwatering, needs ten years in the cellar. 95

2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Richebourg:
Btl 08674. Bright ruby. Touch of coffee and herbs over ripe and sweet strawberry notes. Vanilla and a whiff of spices, scented. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant texture, more fruit driven than the 07 R, feels compact even if hardly compact beside a Zinfandel. Very long. 95

2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti La Tâche:
Btl 11971. Bright ruby. More intense and fruit driven nose. Strawberries and spices, scented, faint hint of lavender, vanilla and almonds. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant and fruity, rich and long. 96

2009 Domaine de la Romanée-Conti Romanée-Conti:
Btl 03608. Bright ruby. Strawberries, blueberries, nuanced and pure youth. Incredibly flirting nose, subdued but scented with more air. Floral, richer style, and still feels shut. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, slightly raw texture, but again, hardly raw next to another raw wine. Extremelly pure, complex and refined. Needs ten years+. 98

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3 Fritz Haag 2011

Date: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 Wine Tasting

2011 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Riesling GG:
Watery yellow. Tight. Apples and minerals on the nose. Fresh acidity, lime and again tight, needs cellaring or thorough breathing. 90 for now.

2011 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Riesling Spätlese:
Pale lemon yellow. Apples, minerals and lime nose. Very apply. Fresh acidity, balanced and elegant, rounded, long. 90

2011 Fritz Haag Brauneberger Juffer Sonnenuhr Riesling Auslese:
Pale lemon yellow. Apples, minerals and some tropical notes. Fresh acidity, elegant an lovely balance, long. 91

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89 Domaine de Chevalier and Suduiraut

Date: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 Wine Tasting

2004 Vieux Château Gachet:
Ruby. Lean blueberries, herbs and some vanilla nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, leaner style but elegant body, good elngth. 85

1989 Domaine de Chevalier:
Ruby, garnet rim. Cassis, minerals, cherries and touch of figs. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, refreshing and a cool 89, long. 92

1989 Château Suduiraut:
Golden. Nuts, orange marmalade and apricots. Fresh acidity, elegant texture, some almonds and orange, long finish. More and more bottles feels fresher now, less heavy and bitter than before, seems to be comming around. 93

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08 Royal Tokaji 5 putt.

Date: Mon, Jan 28, 2013 Wine Tasting

2008 Royal Tokaji Blue Label 5 Puttonyos:
Pale amber orange. Nuts, sultanas and apricots, fruit driven. Fresh acidity, lively and playful, elegant, good length.

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1985 Langoa Barton

Date: Wed, Dec 5, 2012 Wine Tasting

1985 Château Langoa Barton:
Deep ruby with starting brick rim. Decanted and open for a few days so some nuances had blown off. Rebottled into smaller screwcap bottles. Remarkably fruity with plums and cassis nose, leather and anise subdued in the background. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, surprisingly youthful and lively after this treatment, very long finish. Lacks nuances, but must have been stunning somewhere along the ride. 90

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Small Casa Ferreirinha tasting

Date: Wed, Dec 5, 2012 Wine Tasting

2010 Casa Ferreirinha Esteva:
Ruby. Fresh nose, blueberries, plums and smells of wood even if none is used during the winemaking. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, soft and ripe texture, good length. 81

2010 Casa Ferreirinha Papa Figos:
Deep ruby. Scented, roses, blueberries and plums. Fresh enough acidity, ripe tannins, rounded, good length. 83

2009 Casa Ferreirinha Vinha Grande:
Deep ruby. Quite rich nose, plums and blueberries, vanilla and spices. Medium acidity, ripe tannins, good length. 85

2008 Casa Ferreirinha Quinta da Leda:
Deep ruby. Blueberries, plums, vanilla, spices. Medium acidity, ripe tannins, fruitdriven and rounded, long. 88

1992 Casa Ferreirinha Reserva:
(Magnum) Deep ruby, garnet rim. Spicy, cinamon, figs, licorice and some vanilla. Christmas flavoured black tea. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, slightly drying finish if I'm picky, but far more interesting than its more fruitdriven siblings. Long. 90

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3 from Château Falfas

Date: Wed, Dec 5, 2012 Wine Tasting

2011 Château Falfas les Demoiselles de Falfas:
Bio since 1988. Ruby, fruitdriven blue- and blackberries nose. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant, balanced, refreshing finish. 85

2008 Château Falfas:
Ruby. Again fruitdriven with some herbs and nettles, green tea and some coffee. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, balanced, easy and good length. 86

2008 Château Falfas le Chevalier:
Ruby. Vanilla and barrel notes overshadowing the fruit a bit, somewhat scented behind there. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, more elegant palate with more subdued barrel notes but oak tannins are there. Good length. 87 to be kind.

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Six from Lafarge

Date: Wed, Dec 5, 2012 Wine Tasting

2009 Lafarge Bourgogne Aligoté Raisins Dorés:
Pale lemon yellow. Creamy, lemony nose. Fresh acidity, elegant texture, gentle palate, balanced. Made from 75 years old vines. 86

2009 Lafarge Beaune Les Aigrots:
Pale lemon yellow. Rich, nuts, lemons and honey. Fresh acidity, finetuned, refreshing palate, apples and good length. Feels less rich on the palate. 88

2009 Lafarge Bourgogne Pinot Noir:
Bright ruby. Slightly raw nose still of just ripe strawberries. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant fruit and texture, good length. 86

2009 Lafarge Volnay:
Pale ruby. Descreet nose of strawberries and redcurrants. Fresh acidity, elegant tannins, fresh, quite lively but also ripe at the same time. Feels giving for Lafarge. 88

2009 Lafarge Volnay 1er Cru Clos des Chines:
Bright ruby. Elegant red berries and floral nose with some vanilla. Lovely acidity, ripe tannins, very elegant texture, long. 91

2008 Lafarge Volnay 1er Cru Les Mitans:
Pale ruby. Strawberries and scented, slightly of roses. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant and subdued, again feels open for Lafarge. 91

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Vinmonopolets kontroll av media

Date: Mon, Dec 3, 2012 Wine Tasting

Etter at jeg begynte å skrive om vin, istedenfor å selge den, har min verden blitt anderledes. Konkurrenter som tidligere skulte mot en har plutselig blitt svært pratsomme. Men det som kunne oppfattes som ett tungrodd og fiendtlig system som importør(ansatt) hvor man lett kjente Vinmonopolets represalier om man ikke var flink nok, rask nok, imøtekommende nok, og billig nok, det systemet velger også sin presse. Det overrasket.

I Norge har vi ett Vinmonopol som kontrollerer vårt inntak av de edle dråper. Vel, i alle fall den andelen av det som våre politikeres glade skatter ikke gjør om til svenske- og tax-free handel, eller Harryhandel som man liker å kalle det, om du som privatperson ønsker å spare noen kroner. Man kunne kanskje gjort karriere av å møte opp på Systembolagets nyhetssmakinger, og så skrive for deres mange norske kunder.

Vinmonopolet har en nyhetssmaking rett før spesialslippene i sine flaggskipbutikker, Vika og Valkendorfsgate. Ikke noe er spesielt så lang, men så kommer det jeg stusset over fra dag én som skribent. Det er ikke din kunnskap i og rundt det vinfaglige som avgjør om man inviteres til gildet. Nei, det er hvor du skriver, om du har nok lesere, hvor publiseres du? Unnskyldningen er at de ikke har råd til å åpne mange av hver av disse eksklusive flaskene til alle vinskribenter som kunnen tenke seg å skrive om de, og det sier seg jo selv. Men å forhindre hundrevis av amatørmessige vin- og matbloggere kunne man gjort enkelt ved å sette krav til skribentens kunnskap, enten med vinfaglig utdanning eller erfaring. 99% av bloggerne hadde raskt vært ute av bildet.

Men det er hvor du poster som er det viktigste. Helst en av Norges største aviser, eller i ett av to inviterte magasiner. Ganske snevert egentlig. Når enkelte av disse journalistene sjelden har (i alle fall ved de to smakingene jeg har vært tilstede på så langt) tid til å smake seg igjennom alle vinene, men går underveis, eller ikke engang møter opp til sine eksklusive plasser, blir det hele enda mer bisart. Og av disse få plasser er det i tillegg enkelte publikasjoner som opptar hele to plasser hver.

Mange kompetente skribenter får aldri invitasjonen, fordi avisen, nettsiden, bloggen eller magasinet man skriver for ikke er fornemt nok for Vinmonopolet. Vi har med andre ord ett selvgodt, statskontrollert Vinmonopol, som kontrollerer pressen. Om du kun når fem tusen lesere er det ikke bra nok for Vinmonopolet. Om du er spesialist i hva som er tema for smakingen er ikke relevant. Og Gud forby at kundene måtte lete opp en ny kilde til informasjon. Nei, det er tryggest med de gamle, de som alltid har skrevet, og sikkert alltid har gått underveis. Da vet jo du som leser at alle har gjort en god jobb, nettopp for deg.

Og skulle du lure? Joda, en slags invitasjon kom til pressesmakingen i morgen tidlig, denne gangen også. Men det føles noe uetisk å gå, og jeg blir hjemme. (Jeg har ikke nok lesere siden jeg ikke skriver for de største heller, så invitasjonene sendes med stor skepsis). Dette selv om smakingen dreier seg i hovedsak om nettopp min spesialkompetanse, vin fra Bordeaux, ett distrikt hvor få av Norges vinskribenter innehar min kunnskap. Ett distrikt hvor selv en av Spesialrådgiverne hos Vinmonopolet, spør meg underveis på smakingene om jeg er enig eller uenig i dennes erfaringer. Men kunnskapen er ikke nummer én viser det seg, men lesermengden. Vinmonopolet er blitt tabloid. Kanskje Se og Hør burde få seg en vinskribent?

(NB, dette er ikke ment som en kritikk mot skribenter som har annet fore på gitte tidspunkt hvor det holdes smakinger. Det er også pressens frihet å kun delta på det de selv føler er relevant eller verd tiden. Men det har alltid vært nok vin i vareprøvene til minst fem deltagere til, på smakingene jeg har deltatt på, og når noen av de faste skribentene ikke kan møte, hvorfor har man ikke da en venteliste med navn man ringer til? Og hvorfor sendes ikke invitasjonen ut til tredve eller femti kompetente skribenter og påmeldingen skjer etter først til mølla prinsippet? Da hadde de satte måtte yte litt ekstra de også).

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2010 and 06 Château La Pointe

Date: Mon, Dec 3, 2012 Wine Tasting

2010 Château La Pointe:
Bright ruby. Fruity, scented, fresh blueberries and morellos. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, slightly biting texture, elegant, and long. 90

2006 Château La Pointe:
Bright ruby. Blueberries, hint of vanilla, cinamon, anise, fruity and elegant, subdued. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant texture, good length. 89

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05 Weinbach Schlossberg St Catherine

Date: Sun, Dec 2, 2012 Wine Tasting

2005 Weinbach Riesling Grand Cru Schlossberg Cuvée St Catherine:
Towards lemon yellow. Fruity nose of apples, subdued minerals and ripe pears. Fresh acidity, rounded texture, elegant fruit, ripe feel but balanced and elegant, long length. 92

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1998 Bahans Haut- Brion

Date: Sat, Dec 1, 2012 Wine Tasting

1998 Château Bahans Haut- Brion:
(2nd Ch. Haut-Brion) Ruby, garnet rim. Very closed and by far the most closed bottle during the soon ten years I've followed it. After three hours in decanter, plums, minerals, almost scented, pencil shaves but not as seductive as last bottle. Fresh acidity, ripe tannins, elegant palate but somewhat lean, later on fruitier. Good length. 89+

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